The First Dance of Light

The First Dance of Light

The dreamscape created by ILIA titled "The First Dance of Light" received some very beautiful comments.

The First Dance of Light was created in March.  It brings festivity to every occasion or day of the year.  It’s received many lovely comments, as follows:

A conversation: “Oh my!!! Your Art blows me away!!!!!!🤩💖🏆” CL, “Mee too !!!!! She’s really incredible…” RDM, “Yes…I am speechless…always excited to see her works….🧡🧡🧡🧡” CL

“You just keep making stunning creations.” RVDF

“Beautiful !!! Really love this one.” DK

“Love it!” CS

“It’s beautiful!!” GS

“Love this one!!” DN

“Nice!” PPS

“It’s gorgeous!” CR

“One of your best, maybe the best. You are incredible.” LDS

“Love it” OF

“Wow. Fantastic.” DG

“It’s amazing!” MP

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