The Houdini Poof Button – a spoof

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The Houdini Poof Button

There was a collaborative effort amongst the worldwide manufacturers of computer keyboards. The exact date of this secretive meeting is still unknown. The agreement, however, was discovered after much investigation, to our mutual benefit. Each manufacturer agreed to install the Houdini “Poof” Button into each and every keyboard manufactured.

You may have encountered the Houdini “Poof” button while typing an email, a message in a chat room or even using instant messengers. While typing, looking at your screen – all of a sudden whatever you were working on disappears. You hit the “back” key – nothing, you hit ctrl “z” – the data does not return. You swear at the computer to no avail. No matter what you do, you cannot get back the typed message. That’s the “poof” part.

The Houdini part of the name is called this because it’s so tricky with its disappearing act. I have tested many keyboards and asked family and friends to test theirs also. The closest any of us could come to locating the key that produces the “poof” is that it’s located in the lower left hand corner of the keyboard. If you purposely attempt to “poof” your text, it just won’t happen. If you watch your keyboard while typing, it won’t happen. Try and watch out of the corner of your eye, it doesn’t happen. But the second that you let your guard down, the Houdini “Poof” button goes right into action – instantly and without a warning, your text has been “poofed” once again.

The Houdini “poof” key is a universal flaw in every computer keyboard but it was planned that way. Don’t think for a moment that it is some mystery or mistake. The biggest problem though is that each manufacturer installed the Houdini button in a different place on each keyboard making it virtually impossible to locate it. No instructions exist to find and handle this button.

Once I realized the problem and found out about the secretive meeting regarding installing this button, I started writing the manufacturers – first the ones in the USA and then Overseas. One for one was extremely concerned that the “poof” button worked so efficiently.

“The Houdini ‘poof’ button was a trial idea that got out of hand”, says one manufacturer. He was sincerely apologetic. I received almost the same exact response from all the manufacturers that did write back. Furthermore, I found that the “poof” key is different on each keyboard. Another Manufacturer stated “it is virtually impossible to locate the Houdini ‘Poof’ Button.” “It is especially difficult” said yet another manufacturer, “to not hit the poof key when typing.”

The manufacturers are chagrined because their keyboards “poofed” their text more often and with extremely accurate selection ability. The poof gets, with utmost accuracy, their most important documents. The documents that take major research and an hour or so to write – poof goes their document just a few words from completion. Never to be found again. Be assured, the creators of the Houdini Poof Button are having more difficulty than the average computer user. The manufacturers are so exasperated that many have gone to using typewriters and word processors now. It is important to note here that the new equipment for the manufacturers has not been made by any computer keyboard makers.

There is news of a plan to have the keyboards manufacturing sub-contracted out to new up and coming businesses. The blueprints for the present keyboards have been burned. The result is brand new keyboards without the Houdini Button.

On closing, may I mention that you may have gotten one of the new keyboards. Still, the jinx is being carried on. Here, hold on, I’ll show you (I got one to test out)…when typing with this keyboard, it starts out fine, but after a few minutes, the keyboard shifts underneath your fingers. Rgw qiesa xmnw iyr kujw rgua…

aka Leigh Ann Edrich
© 2023. All Rights Reserved.

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