The inspiration for Crowning Glory…

The inspiration for Crowning Glory was from Old Time Jazz and the blooms of Spring! Also, I seem to have an extremely well visited garden! I have around a dozen squirrels, two families of bluebirds, a family of beautiful red cardinals, some smaller birds and a woodpecker! To top it off, I have two feral cats that call my yard their home! All of this combined created the inspiration for this dreamscape.

Crowning Glory Dreamscape by . © Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved.ILIA

Here’s what people are saying about Crowning Glory:
“I really like the warm feel of this one. It’s like Life is bursting anew.” LR
“This may be my favorite so far.” RR
“Agreed! May be one of my favorites, too” DC
“Beautiful ❤❤” TD
“That’s beautiful.” JK
“It looks like the awakening of flowers.” ER
“B e a u t i f u l ! ! !” ABI
“That’s spectacular!” KB
“So Beautiful!!!…..Very details and Amazing skills you have!” TV

And, a description from a poet:
“It is a bouquet, but it also contains a conceptual dimension – there is change in this piece – a sense of continuous motion – a sense of fragmenting and at the same time of coming together, as with all true gifts. There is beauty, yet that beauty is coupled with dissonance in a balance of Yin and Yang – believed to be a representation of the primal balancing force of the universes. You can see a resemblance to that symbol in the imagery of the piece. And around it all, swirls change.” M.G.

© Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved.
ILIA aka Leigh Ann Edrich.

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