The Jester

The Jester

The Jester Poem by ILIA

The castle in the distance
So majestic and promising
There lies the goal…todays goal
The journeys momentary halt

Sitting atop the hill so high
A fortress made of stone
Hard labor, sweat and loyalty
The royalty

Up the hill…it’s in sight!
Through the tall grass, brambles,
Wildflowers and prairie dog holes
Pleasant effort

Out of the woods in a rush
Cool air, twigs snapping, musty smell
And then…
Warm sunshine
We’ve traveled far.

Bells ringing, collar bouncing
Smiling, happy, giggling
A bounce in his step
The Jester with his merry crew

Chatter, happy voices afloat in the air
Stepping up
Stepping out
A cheerful march

Gay bright costumes glittering
Bringing gifts of cheer, music,
Awe filled smiles
A party
Making a memorable day

…and then..
…they’ll be..

On their way……


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