The Land of Always Dreamscape

The Land of Always

The Land of Always Dreamscape by ILIA. © Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved. © Internationally published and Exhibited Artist. noai noimageai

Some of the inspiration for The Land of Always came from a conversation of which this is a part: “It inspired me. Just the thought of driving towards a city and seeing this Dreamscape as the mirage before getting to see the actual city is not only intriguing but, I think it’s also doable!”


Here’s some comments:

“Beautiful!” CL

“It’s very magical” DG

“Beautiful!!!” RDM

“Your Dreamscapes are just beautiful!” EW

“Incredible!!” VN

“It’s a beautiful piece.” MM

“Very beautiful!” IR

“Good mood lines and otherworldly!” LH

“WOW….” PR

“Wow” JV

“It’s gorgeous” DD

“Just exquisite!” TD

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