What Did I Think I Was Doing?

I wasn’t supposed to reach or discover or find a different way. First of all, I was SUPPOSED to be there in that regular old dingy place that had lots of rooms and lots of people doing as I was doing. I was suppose to wait. So, I was waiting.But, there was some time I was told, so I took a walk. The walk was down a country road with nice scenery, pretty flowers, well-kept houses, in a quiet neighborhood with no people around. The houses were set away from each other as if there were some set rules on boundaries. Yards full of gadgets, stuff and decorations to look at and admire on the way down the country lane.

When I got to the end, there was a bend of the lane that turned into another road that seemingly sprang out of nowhere. The road was fairly long, curvy and way in the distance I could see the most gorgeous rainbow in a golden sky. I knew that was something different! I stood there in awe for how long I do not know. I truly was compelled to take that journey and find the wonders along the way.

However, being the well-brought up individual that listens to and obeys the rules, I realized that I had been some time away from the place I was supposed to be at and the things that I was supposed to do…then looked again at that long road that arrived at the most gorgeous rainbow in the most spectacular sky…

Ah well. I decided that it takes too long, that I’ll be late for doing what I’m supposed to be doing and that I’ll travel on this road later.. It takes too much work to walk that path, so I thought. It’s interesting though, so I’ll be back, I’m sure I will.

So, I skipped my way light-heartedly backwards to where I would do what I was supposed to and wait. I hadn’t realized on my short walk out on that country lane that the road was old and crumbly or that there were huge potholes filled with muddy water or that the houses that I thought were so beautiful with all their doo-dads were really just facades and that behind the screens were rundown broken homes.

Gleefully ignoring the surroundings, still trying to make mock-ups of great things that could be – barely avoiding pothole craters, missing a step now and again, I made it back to the place that I was supposed to wait just in time…

…to wait…

Well, I did what I was supposed to. I went backwards along the track I came on because the other road took too long to travel and here, although I wait for what I do not know, is more familiar than the unknown.

Why was I wearing cob webbed covered clothes with musty odors that were torn in places by thorn bushes and soiled by mud that had splattered over it? I kinda felt like this was not how it should be…but, I was supposed to stay because this was the place to be.

It really was the all important place, wasn’t it? I was supposed to be here after-all. This was where the all important people were also waiting. It was certainly THE place and I was certainly on time and there were so many other all important people with their all important stuff still waiting since I left for that walk. It just had to be right to be here.

Then why did it look so different? And, more importantly, why didn’t I think that it was so dang important anymore?


Up I jumped, I’m not sure if anyone noticed because of being too busy doing ‘supposed to’s.’ It didn’t matter, I left that all important place with the all important people with the all important stuff where I was supposed to be waiting. My departure was at such a fast pace that I probably looked like a blur. I just kept going, didn’t look back, my pace turning into a gallop that soon turned into a charge. I was hoping against hope that I could re-find that road with the rainbow in the spectacular golden sky.

Huffing and puffing I wound my way down the old country lane – that looked even worse than it had just a few minutes ago with the facades melting down to reveal the decay – and I raced to the bend in the road…


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