What If Your Recent “Masterpiece” Doesn’t Carry Your Communication?

What If Your Recent “Masterpiece” Doesn’t Carry Your Communication?

When the feedback about your creation does not match what you intended to communicate, there’s many ways to handle the situation but only one correct way.  Here’s some examples:

The Nasty Attitude: How can you be so stupid? You totally got it wrong! 
The Too Bad Attitude: I know what I created and too bad if no one else gets it. I’m an artist expressing myself.
The Excuse: Well, some people understand it and I like it, so I’ll keep it.

Or, another idea: The feedback doesn’t match what I intended.  I’ll nuke this one and go back to the drawing board.

That’s what I do.

It’s vitally important to me that my message gets across to my viewers via my art.  So, if I show others a new creation and receive back responses that don’t match my message, I know I didn’t achieve my purpose.   That only means that I have to try, try again.

It is practice and more practice that makes something come out right.  For instance a sports team exercises to increase stamina, practice the plays and then simulates games to get in the moves correctly.  The team drills separately, as groups and together in order to win.

To expect “perfect” the very first time is a dream.  To notice what you can improve and work on it, is the winning way.




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