What’s a Mentor?

What’s a Mentor?

An article about mentoring by ILIA.

A Mentor is a friend and a guide.

It’s a person with a lot of knowledge in particular areas that can instruct others within the specific level each individual needs.  In my particular field of mentoring, I work with creative and talented people.

As an example, many moons ago I spent nine months learning how to do website coding. The amount of terms I had to look up in a computer dictionary was overwhelming.

Would I Make Another Do the Same?

Using the same example above about website skills, if I was instructing another, I wouldn’t put that person through the same thing!

I would find out the level of internet and computer expertise that s/he had, then proceed at a level that person can grasp and have wins at.

And, I would do it within the understanding of the individual as to why a creative and talented person needs to learn computer and internet skills.

In the current day and age, an artist also needs to have writing skills, social media understanding, information marketing techniques and more.

Back to Mentoring…

Any action that I do as a mentor, I do the same actions as the example above because there is no sense in overwhelming another – that person would never complete the lesson and what use would come of that? 

A Mentor wants another to learn information that will help that person achieve the dreams envisioned.



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