WIN #9 – Observica – Special Edition 2023

I found WIN #9 in my email:

Observica – Special Edition 2023.

We received a very large number of brilliant works for this artist call from all over the world, and after a thorough review of submitted artworks, the selection process of this opportunity has been finally completed.

Congratulations! We are honored to inform you that your artwork is selected to be published in Observica contemporary art magazine Special edition, which marks its 23rd issue.

The magazine will be published in both online and high-quality print-on-demand versions. Both versions will be released in stylish full-color glossy A4 pages. You will will receive 2 dedicated A4 colorful pages in the magazine and a lifetime active link with QR code.

Observica – Special Edition Magazine 2023 will be accessible to thousands of art experts, collectors, and art enthusiasts, as well as galleries, museums and art institutions from over 120 countries.

The Dreamscape that won is Rhythm in Color.

Rhythm in Color Dreamscape by ILIA won contest #9 - Special Edition Publication. © Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved.
Inspired by the many people that have truly been there to help me. The music behind this one is Mozart (my favorite), plus flute and lute music.
© Copyright 2023 ILIA. All Rights Reserved.



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