Wind Song

I stand atop the mountain
Horizon to horizon in sight
…every way I turn
The world at my command

Inspiration from Indian Ruins in Arizona

I unclasp the flute
To play the song of space
To weave the magic
…from then to now

I urge the notes
To create an enchantment
Sparkles and flows arise
…and dance in the sky
…and grace the land

Birds appear
Fascinated by the song
Welcoming it
…joining in
…and raising their voices
In the melody

The elegant wind
Flows in and around
…the delightful notes
Carrying it far

Answering the call
A silver wolf shows up
…deciding to be my guardian

The song then arrives
In this time
From eons ago
With the hope and the dream
…knowing it will soon be fulfilled

A cat in now
Looks me in the eyes
“I wasn’t here” I tell her
She nods her head
And goes back to sleep

girls just love flowers

Copyright © 2017 ILIA aka Leigh-Ann Edrich. All Rights Reserved.

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