Your Very Own Style

Your Very Own Style.




When it comes to helping other artists and aspiring artists, I don’t teach how I create or how to create at all. 


I aim for helping an artist to create a foundation.  That’s what my mentor did for me.   He also used the “validate the rightness” method – put attention on what I was doing that was good, original and unique.  I use this method, too.

Doing the opposite, “invalidating and correcting the wrongness” method hasn’t produced better art or anything else.  Here’s some examples of what I mean:

– A creative writing teacher gives a student a flunking grade because the piece written wasn’t within reality.  However, it was a “creative” writing class and the pieces written don’t have to stay within the boundaries of reality. 

– A professor corrects and criticizes a poetry student.  The student stops writing poetry and never understands why it wasn’t good.

– A fine artist has trouble creating the petals of a rose but does her best, posts it and has many people tell her how badly she did with the petals.  She then has worse problems with creating petals and finally gives up trying altogether.

Here’s some examples of what validate the rightness can do:

– A creative writing teacher encourages “creative” writing.  The students have fun.

– The poetry professor finds what the poet did that was good and let’s him know.  The poet goes out in life, becomes successful and helps other poets to do the same.

– An artist is validated for unique brush strokes.  After more practice is able to create art that touches your very beingness with a powerful message.

And what happens when a person has a foundation from which to operate off of? 

– An artist knows the direction to go in.

– An artist has certainty about every step gained.

– An artist is willing to test new, untried grounds…

And who knows what can happen because of it.

To your success,


p.s. There’s thousands of videos online and many more How-to articles with images and instructions on how to draw, paint, play an instrument, act, decorate, sing, etc. that can help with technique.










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