Dreamscapes by ILIA

“My Dreamscapes are fantasy forms and designs that are fused together into digital art which simulates the colors of nature and space, and are intended to reach a person with the message that purposes, dreams and goals can become a reality.”  ILIA

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Some of the lovely comments received about my Dreamscapes:

“You have a fascinating technique.” MG

“Thanks for letting us visit the universe of your creations.” MR

“Your Dreamscapes are unbelievably aesthetic! I don’t know how you create these, but they are really, truly a work of art. I can think of many classical musical pieces that could be played while viewing these – your dreamscapes are soothing and pleasing to the soul, as it were. They’re just gorgeous, and I’m utterly impressed with what they communicate.  I could go on and on, but you’re really a superstar, ILIA. Your Art is off-the-charts!” L.T.

“You are such a talented artist, ILIA, and the dreamscapes are fabulous!” T.D.

This is my kind of art.” LDS
“Your Art is Magic!!!” C.L.
V.L. made a suggestion of “Ethereal Dream” for a Dreamscape and also had this to say “It illicited that feeling from when I saw it. You are very talented, my dear. VERY TALENTED.”